Lost in translation

Let’s provide you with some basic knowledge about the frituur lingo. But maybe we should start by finally explaining what a frituur is. Well, all over our precious little country you can find small eateries that only serve Belgian fries and (fried) snacks, accompanied by delicious sauces. Thàt is a frituur. No matter where you go and how far you seem to be from the inhabited world, you will find at least one frituur in the smallest Belgian towns. If it has a church, it probably has a frituur as well. Mind you, some of them might seem a bit dodgy but trust us, that’s just part of it.

Sizes: really hungry or just craving a bit of Belgian deliciousness? Don’t worry, most frituren have at least four different portion sizes for their fries; mini (“small”), klein (“medium”), groot (“large”), familie (“family”). Some of them also offer een hapje (“a bite”), usually a small box in which they normally put their meat snacks, and in the main tourist areas you will also find the traditional paper cones.

“Mag er zout op?”: surprisingly not everyone likes a pinch of salt on their fries, that is why they will always ask you beforehand if you would like some salt on them. A pak frieten without salt is like a café without beer, so yeah.

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