Belgian fries

First of all we’d like to stress that the fries that you get at McDonald’s or another fast food restaurant aren’t real fries, according to the average Belgian. And no, the French did not invent the fries; they are called French fries because of the way that they are cut (or frenched) before they are cooked.

Real Belgian fries are unevenly (hand)cut and relatively thick fries that are fried twice; first the fries need to be cooked in order to get the inside soft and ridiculously yummy, the second time is needed to make the fries deliciously crispy and golden brown.

Belgians sure love their sauces. It is very uncommon to eat the fries without a sauce  (although they could pull it off because the average Belgian fry is just thàt delicious) and, we haven’t done any research about this but, we’re pretty sure that the nation’s favourite is (homemade) mayonnaise. There’s just something very nice and soothing about eating those heavenly fries with some mayonnaise. But more about that in our frituur food section.

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