Curryworst/frikandel (depends on the province you’re in): a long sausage (usually) made of a mixture of pork and chicken mince. Often upgraded to a curryworst speciaal; after the meat is fried some freshly chopped onion, (curry)ketchup and mayonaise are added. Divine!

Viandelle: that same yummy curryworst but coated in a thin layer of crispy batter.

Mammoet (“mammoth”): an extra long curryworst (26 cm) for the really hungry ones.

Playboy: an even longer and thicker smoked sausage. And yes, we’re even a bit embarrassed just writing about this let alone ordering this snack in a frituur.

Bitterballen: little balls filled with a delicious meat ragout and coated with a layer of breadcrumb.

Carrero: a relatively large snack with a spicy twist to it. The main ingredients are pork and chicken mince and a lot of herbs and sauces (such as sambal, ketjap manis, etc.).

Zigeunerstick (“gypsy stick”): a stick with spicy minced meat and fresh onion, coated with breadcrumb.

Bamischijf: a large croquette that consists of bami noodles, onion, leek and some typical Asian spices.

Kipknots: a mix of chicken and turkey meat, coated in breadcrumb and on a stick. You can compare it a bit to chicken nuggets (which most frituren also sell). But better.

Sito: a skewer that consists of turkey meat and fresh onion, coated in a thin layer of crispy batter.

Boulet: a big tasty meatball, which can also be upgraded to a boulet speciaal.

Berenpoot (“bear claw”, although it has absolutely nothing to do with the identically named American pastry): big slices of the above mentioned meatball and equally big slices of onion on a skewer.

Cervela: a thick sausage (which again consists of the traditional mix of pork and chicken mince) with a subtle garlic flavour. Often people will order a raw cervela that they can eat while waiting for their order. This snack is also often upgraded to a cervela speciaal.

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